Lanna Freeman promotes Prachuap Khirikhan, Thailand by Thomas Groves

Recently I was hired by Lanna Freeman, a young and upcoming model, singer, actor, to make a video helping her promote the province of Prachuap Khirikhan, Thailand. Lanna wants more Thai people to visit the beautiful sites of this amazing province. In this video we visited Ao Manao, Bung Bua Lotus Ponds and Kui Buri national park. 

We had one day to film at all locations unfortunately we hit a rainy day which meant limited time spent at the lotus pond. I was aided by Charlie Stevens on day of shooting. All post production took place using Adobe Premiere CC (2017). 

Lanna Freeman, young and upcoming model, signer and actor, explores Ao Manao, Bung Bua Lotus Pond, and Kui Buri which is only a fraction of what the amazing province of Prachuap Khirikhan, Thailand, has to offer. -- Music by Joakim Karud Video & Edit by Thomas Groves, , and Charlie Stevens --

Webster’s Thomas Groves Documents the Headhunters Of Nagaland by Thomas Groves

The Youngest Head Hunter - Long Wa, India. One of the youngest head hunters poses for his picture. He prides him self in being in shape and always being sharply dressed. Image - Thomas Groves

The Youngest Head Hunter - Long Wa, India. One of the youngest head hunters poses for his picture. He prides him self in being in shape and always being sharply dressed. Image - Thomas Groves

Mr. Groves’ incredible photographs capture the beauty and strength of this fascinating group of people.
— Webster University Thailand

The Headhunters of Nagaland by Thomas Groves

In the north east of India, bordering with Myanmar, is the city of Long Wa which is home to the last living headhunters of Nagaland. These older tattooed men are surrounded by green forests prosperous with nature and who live a traditional way of life.
— Thomas Groves

Recently I published an article in Expat Life in Thailand about my trip to Long Wa, India. In Long Wa I photographed some of the last living head hunters in this area. My images reflect that these men are ordinary men who hold great respect amongst their community. 

Staying with these men for 11 days was an amazing experience which opened my eyes to a culture which is quickly fading away. Long Wa is located on the border between India and Myanmar. The people are strong and very open but also very curious as not many outside visitors stop by or stay for a long period of time. 

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Students Embark on Photography Expedition to Chiang Rai by Thomas Groves

Led by Webster Thailand’s Lecturer Thomas Groves, the group of students travelled more than 940 kilometers to far northern Thailand in search of the ‘perfect shot’.
— Webster University Thailand

Recently I took my photography class, PHOT 4000, to Northern Thailand to photograph the Suan Lahu organic farm and the local Lahu village.  I am excited to see a wonderful article about the trip, project and work of the students. 

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Booze Bruise Campaign Delivers Positive Change by Thomas Groves

Very proud of my INTM 2350 Digital Production students for the unique approach to solving a serious issue. Pema Tshoki and Sunee Chaemprem developed a PSA to raise awareness about a serious problem unfortunately taking place all over the world. After mush research they decided to aim their campaign towards students aged 18-21 with the slogan "[d]rink responsibly, limit your alcohol before it limits you".  After running the campaign they did follow up research and shared their findings in a final presentation. Congratulations Pema and Sunee!

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Webster’s Thomas Groves Publishes Photo Book of Lombok, Indonesia by Thomas Groves

Thomas’ striking photography from his explorations to Kawah Ijen and Lombok has recently been published into a captivating photo book titled ‘A Glimpse of Kawah Ijen and Lombok, Indonesia’.
— Webster University Thailand

With my recent book published I am excited to see that my university has published this article regarding my new book  A Glimpse of Kawah Ijen and Lombok, Indonesia. To read the entire article please click here.

Photography Students from Multiple Campuses Search for 'Perfect Shot' in Chiang Rai by Thomas Groves

Students from Webster Thailand’s undergraduate photography class recently traveled from Hua Hin to Chiang Rai to photograph the lives and livelihoods of the Lahu tribe.
— Webster University

Another great article about my recent photography class trip to Chiang Rai written by home campus Webster University. 

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