Webster Talks @ Webster Ghana / by Thomas Groves

I was very excited to be invited to lead Webster University Ghana's very first Webster Talks. Webster Talks is an event which invites experts in particular fields to discuss topics with the student body and takes place at all of Webster University's campuses world wide.

I was invited on the topic of Internet and Social Media Safety and Responsibility. What was meant to be a 30 minute discussion turned out to be a 1 hour and half talk and debate. It is always interesting to talk with young students about the long term factors of social media posts and the immediate dangers of posting content. We also discussed the positive aspects and how to harvest this powerful tool. 

I am currently teaching at the Webster University Ghana campus in Accra for 8 weeks. I was recently awarded the Leif J. Sverdrup Global Teaching Fellowship to teach abroad. I have only been here for three weeks but it has been a very exciting and busy three weeks.