Adobe Digital Publishing Interactive Magazine / by Thomas Groves

Mr. Thomas Groves, lecturer at School of Communications, Webster University (Thailand) shares insights of digital publishing and HHQ,an interactive magazine produced by Undergraduate students during the Summer term of 2014. 

There were three different courses that collaborated into creating a Interactive Magazine, also known as a DPS app by Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. The courses involved consisted of MEDC 3150 (Media Writing), INTM 3150 (Interactive Design) , and INTM 3580 (Interactive Publishing) during the Summer term of 2014.

Upon completion of the Interactive Magazine Mr. Groves attended Adobe Digital Publishing Summit 2014 in Singapore on the company’s invitation where Mr. Groves was part of Expert Panel. Adobe Digital Publishing Summit (DPS) is a must attend event for senior marketers and mobile strategists, to learn more about refining the digital experience to define brands leveraging mobile technologies.